中心主任:孙 建      副主任:艾 菁


A Brief Introduction of Multilingual Center


Founded in March 2016, the Multilingual Center has been dedicated to implementing the "strategy for international undergraduate education" put forward by Fudan University. Aiming at enhancing the foreign language teaching reform, our department provides world-class multilingual courses for all the students and teachers. It has played a significant role in cultivating and providing qualified personnel under the background of " The Belt and Road Initiative " and "Going out Strategy” since its inception.

Our department offers a wide range of courses, which include the second and the third foreign language for language majors, and the college multilingual courses designed for non-language majors. The Multilingual Center committed to course planning, faculty employment, course management, Language Assessment and undergraduate Study Abroad program developing with the assistance of the Academic Registry and the Foreign Affairs Office. Our department is also responsible for teaching arrangement and the exploration of quality curriculum according to social demands.

We offers a wide variety of foreign language basic courses such as English, Japanese, French, German, Russian, Korean, etc. Since its establishment, the Multilingual Center has started more courses to meet the needs of students and teachers. The courses we already have include Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish,Danish and Morden Hebrew. And we are planning for the courses like Arabic, Hindi, Italian etc.

Our language courses are mainly given by qualified foreign teachers. Some of them are recommended by the foreign ministry or higher education commission of their own countries,  some come from the other key universities with which Fudan has strong connection. The "1+1" program has been established on some certain courses, such as the Spanish course. After completing the basic language courses at Fudan in the first year, program participants go studying in the language speaking countries as exchange students. Such program enables students to integrate the professional knowledge with language learning abroad.

The Multilingual Center has established cooperation with Zhide College, and has set up "Companion of Babel," a community for language learners. The community plays an indispensable role in promoting courses, collecting feedbacks from language learners, providing extracurricular activities and building a harmonious campus culture enriched with globle languages and cultures. Bearing the goal of encouraging students to explore in a different culture and improve their skills in cross-cultural communication, the Center also dedicates in serving students with quality educational resources through platforms like e-learning and MOOC (massive open online course), etc.


       Director: Jian   Sun           Deputy director: Jing Ai

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